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Hypnotherapy has been proven time and again to be highly effective in bringing about positive and lasting change. Hypnosis refers to the process of inducing a trance to help promote communication between your conscious and subconscious mind. I use a variety of techniques to help clients achieve positive change in a relatively short period of time. Hypnotherapy can help with anxiety, phobias, and trauma. Sessions are relaxing, insightful and a powerful tool to help you break old habits, release phobias and move forward in life.


All of my one-to-one sessions will take place virtually. However, you have the opportunity to attend my events if you’d like to meet in person. You can see my upcoming events by clicking here. Note that my readings sessions take place via Whatsapp, and my coaching sessions take place through video conference calls.

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Fully Qualified

Karly is a fully qualified soul coach and hypnotherapist, and has trained with some of the world’s leading experts.

Worldwide Clients

From Edinburgh to Sydney, I help my clients from across the world overcome setbacks and nurture their spiritual development. 

About Karly Ashworth

Karly Ashworth is a qualified soul coach and hypnotherapist from Scotland. Bringing her own unique style of coaching, she works with clients from around the world and helps to bring peace, acceptance, and confidence to people from all walks of life.

Originally from Fife, Scotland, Karly has lived in both the UK and Australia and has trained alongside some of the world’s leading spiritual teachers. Karly starred in the 10th series of the UK reality show Big Brother and is frequently sought after to deliver keynote speeches.  She qualified as a hypnotherapist in 2019 and runs both an in-person and virtual practice.

Through the Soul Podcast, workshops, coaching sessions, and readings, Karly is committed to empowering individuals from across the planet to overcome their challenges and carve out their own special place in the universe. 

Client Testimonials

Omid, Holland
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Your reading has had an amazing impact on me! Specifically when I heard that I am protected! Somehow I always felt this but at the same time I was afraid. The confirmation from your reading gave me peace. Thank you so much.
Samantha, Scotland
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I just want to say that you won’t even know it but you helped me so much I de cluttered my life and people in it. I walked away from a job I hated. I’ve now landed on my feet with my dream job, new car, let go of toxic people in my life. Never been happier. You are an angel.
Erin, Australia
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Thanks so much my love. This has really helped to confirm things for me and honestly I feel so humbled about everything you have said and I feel so content at what’s to come. It feels right! Thanks for the clarity!
Rachel, England
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Absolutely blown away from the reading I’ve just had from this beautiful woman. Honestly the best reading I’ve ever had. If you need some guidance or assurance she can help.
Karolina, Scotland
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Honestly that was absolutely unreal, crazy how much of the information from the cards but especially the crystals was on point! The tiger eye crystal has definitely stayed with me and forever will especially for this year. Thank you again Karly.
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There were so many things that you said that resonated so strongly with me. A lot of them were decisions about my career, I’ve known this for ages that I need to move forward but fear was keeping me back. After you’re reading I’m 100% clear on what it is I have to do and I now have the reassurance that I can do it.
John, Glasgow
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Magical reading from Karly, right from the soul. We went down the past of past, present and future. Exploring the higher path we all deserve and Karly has gave me that wee kick up the arse we all need at times to get there. Your reading can lighten the load and open you up to new pats and help you find that higher version of you.
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Listening to my reading again and it’s funny because the more you sit and take in what you thought it meant clicks, and you realise what it actually means! Still feeling powerful after my reading with you! Thanks again.
Linsey, Scotland
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I now look forward to the future and the decisions I am about to take and the new path I will embrace. I feel so very excited about it! You are very special, your voice and energy are like nothing else. Thank you.

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