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Must Read Books for Self Development

Can a book really change your life? Here are 5 that certainly changed mine.

Books have always crossed my path at the right time in life. They provided me with the most valuable knowledge and wisdom which enabled me to see a different perspective. These 5 books in particular really helped me on my own personal and spiritual journey. Whether you are stuck at a crossroads, looking for motivation, on a spiritual quest or ready to take a leap of faith, these 5 books are sure to get you inspired!

MOTIVATION – 5am Club by Robin Sharma

SELF CONFIDENCE – Like She Owns the Place by Cara Alwill Leyba

SPIRITUALITY – Many Lives Many Masters by Dr Brian Weiss

PERSONAL & SPIRITUAL GROWTH – Return to You by Shannon Kaiser

EMPOWERMENT – A Radical Awakening by Dr Shefali Tsabary


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Spiritual awakenings can feel daunting, confusing and lonely. No matter which stage of the awakening journey you are on, my step by step guide can help you make sense of how you are feeling and how to navigate it.
Can a book really change your life? Here are 5 that certainly changed mine.
Welcome to the official Karly Ashworth website! In this post, I’ll share what’s included in the website and what you can expect.

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