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The Great Awakening Map & The Biggest Secrets it’s Creator Uncovered

In this episode, we are joined by champ parinya creator of the great awakening map. Champ is an award-winning artist, yogi and creator. In this episode, we deep dive into the biggest secrets he has ever uncovered and the key to manifesting your dreams as quickly as possible. We also discuss the topic of holistic health, past life regression and the sacred images that exist in the higher states of consciousness. You can connect with champ on Instagram at @5d_awakening_consciousness and check out his creations and purchase your own map at: www.greatawakeningmap.Co connect with me @karlyashworth


In this episode we talk about distractions. This is a great listen for anyone who feels unmotivated, stuck in a rut or currently at a cross roads in life.

Detox Your Life

In this episode I discuss getting rid of toxic people, habits and clutter for good!