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Spiritual Awakening Stages

Spiritual awakenings can feel daunting, confusing and lonely. No matter which stage of the awakening journey you are on, my step by step guide can help you make sense of how you are feeling and how to navigate it.

After experiencing my own awakening which was initially triggered by my Grandmothers passing, it was further amplified after attending a retreat. I was grateful to have a few close, spiritually tuned in friends whom I was able to discuss my experiences with. This guide is a representation of my own spiritual awakening journey. You may experience different stages at different times. Usually there is more than one ‘ dark night of the soul’ and of course life is a never ending journey to self discovery! No matter where you are on your spiritual path, know that you are not alone and somewhere out there your soul family are experiencing the same. The key is to embrace the lessons, the universe does not punish. The more you surrender, the quicker you grow!


Feels like – A life event that causes you to question everything. It may be the passing of a loved one, relationship breakdown, a meeting of new people, entering a new environment, loss of career, identity and so forth. The trigger sparks you to look within and discover who you truly are. You may at this stage experience vivid dreams, messages in your sleep, synchronicities and heightened intuition.


Feels like – You are an imposter in your own life. Old habits such as drinking, going out and other destructive behaviours no longer resonate. You may feel like you are an outsider in your friend group and want to spend more time alone. You have a longing to have deeper conversations and can’t really resonate with gossip, and other topics of conversations you used to engage in. There is a feeling of nothingness, loneliness and not belonging. Fear not, this stage doesn’t last forever! Prioritise self care, create new habits that support your wellbeing and dedicate this time to being still, meditating, and preparing for the new path ahead of you. The void is the cocoon stage. Embrace it.


Feels like – You have a thirst for knowledge. You want to learn new things and discover more about who you are. You may work with a coach, experience spiritual readings for guidance, listen to more podcasts, read books and anything else that supports your wellbeing quest. The more you know, the more you realise you don’t know. This stage is exciting, fast paced and creates huge growth spiritually, emotionally and mentally. People may start to compliment that you have changed, but can’t really pin point why. ( It’s your energy and they feel it) Keep shining.


Feels like – Your world is literally ending. Usually triggered by relationship breakdowns, or any other form of loss, you begin to question everything. During this phase, any insecurities, doubts, fears etc will be brought to the surface for you to face. Embrace this part of the journey, it’s where the most growth and deepest healing happens. Lean into it. Allow yourself to feel your emotions. Journal every day. Mediate. Ground and accept that life is every changing. Release any old beliefs and keep moving.


Feels like – You are stepping into a different version of yourself. Things that used to trigger you no longer do. There are less negative people and circumstances around you. You see signs and synchronicities more often. Conversations are more meaningful and you are now less afraid to take the path less travelled. You may look to change career to something more meaningful at this stage or even start your own business. Travel to countries you’ve always wanted to visit and other dreams seem like they can become reality and you take steps to create a new life.


Feels like – Peace. Life is flowing. You have a real sense of what resonates for you and do not engage with anything that doesn’t. You have released any negative energies and relationships and are on a path that serves your highest good. You have perhaps met members of your soul family, connected with your soul mate and have meaningful, deep, connected relationships with everyone around you. You see there is much more to life and are fully embracing your authenticity.

Spiritual awakenings are beautiful, transformative and magical.

Keep connecting, keep loving, keep growing.

With love,

K x

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Spiritual awakenings can feel daunting, confusing and lonely. No matter which stage of the awakening journey you are on, my step by step guide can help you make sense of how you are feeling and how to navigate it.
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