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Welcome to my new website!

Welcome to the official Karly Ashworth website! In this post, I’ll share what’s included in the website and what you can expect.

Earlier this year, I considered how I could better connect with my audience and improve the experience of my clients. Upon careful consideration of the feedback I received from my previous clients, and from listening to my intuition, I decided that merging technology with spirituality could open new doors and opportunities for my business and, more importantly, my clients. 

Chalkboard Agency, a website development studio in Glasgow, was recommended to me by a friend. After an initial brainstorming session with the team, we got down to work creating the website you are now viewing. 

What you can expect

First and foremost, I wanted to improve the experience of our clients that book coaching sessions, readings, and hypnotherapy sessions with me. In the past, clients would communicate with me by email, phone calls, and social media messages. It could be difficult to match my schedule with my clients’, so the first priority of my website was to create a booking system.

You can now book a session within 20 seconds. Simply choose the service you want, select a suitable date and time, pay using your debit or credit card, and that’s it! You’ll receive automated email and SMS messages when your appointment is due and what you need to prepare for it. 

I also tried to improve the experience of people who book tickets to my events. Whilst I’ll still use Eventbrite in some circumstances, you’ll see plenty of free and exclusive events on my website. You can buy your tickets at the click of a button and you’ll receive email and SMS reminders when the event is due to take place. 

My website will become a hub for content, and you’ll be able to stream my podcasts and read my latest blog posts. 

Finally, I’ll soon launch my online shop featuring crystals, merchandise, and other goodies to help you on your spiritual journey.

We hope that you enjoy using the new website. However, if you notice any annoying bugs, please contact the developers by emailing hello@chalkboard.agency – your help is appreciated.


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Welcome to the official Karly Ashworth website! In this post, I’ll share what’s included in the website and what you can expect.

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